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Tachyon Mini Phone Cells

Tachyon Mini Phone Cells – Small EMF Protection


Tachyonized C.B.D. ISO – 1oz


Tachyon Hybrid Car Protection Kit

Tachyon PJ Plus 3oz

Panther Juice PLUS – Pain Formula


Tachyonized Brain Balancer

Tachyonized Sun Spot XXL

Tachyonized Sun Spot (1) Single – XXL: Rare to Create, Rare to Own!


Tachyonized Car-Mate

5G Window Treatment Kit

Tachyon Sun Spot Mini

Tachyonized Sun Spot Mini (Single)

5G Tachyon phone disk

Tachyon 5G-ULTRA Phone Disk

Tachyon ULTRA Carmonizer ~ Silver 6

Tachyon 5G ULTRA Carmonizer (Car Harmonizer) ~ Silver



Tachyon 5g Freedom -Mini-V Pendant_silver_gold

5G Freedom Pendant (Tachyon ULTRA)


Tachyon Sleepy Z Melatonin


Tachyonized Guarana Extract

Tachyon Virus and Lung Super Kit

Tachyon Virus and Lung Super Kit

Tachyon Immune Strengthening Kit K5

Tachyon Immune Strengthening Kit

Tachyon Fever-Headache-Throat and Sinus Virus Kit

Fever-Headache-Throat and Sinus Virus Kit

Tachyon Virus Protection for CHILDREN Kit-1

Tachyon Virus Protection for CHILDREN Kit

Tachyonized Panther Juice with CBD

NEW!: Tachyonized CBD-Infused Panther Juice [Limited offering]


Tachyonized TLC Massage Bars

Tachyonized TLC Massage Bars – Deluxe Polished

Tachyonized TLC Bars - Deluxe Polished

Tachyonized TLC Bars – Deluxe Polished

Tachyonized Personal Cocoon - 20 Minute, Vertical Integration Meditation System

Tachyonized Personal & Ultra Cocoons

Tachyonized Immune System Tonic

Tachyonized Immune System Tonic

Tachyon Peach Silk Meditation Wrap

Silk Tachyonized Meditation Wrap

Tachyon Energy Natural Sleep Support Kit

Tachyon Crystal Pendant Set in Silver

LARGE Tachyonized Sun Spots Set of 4

Large Set of 4 Tachyonized Sun Spots

achyonized ULTRA Liberty Belt - Our Most Powerful Back Health Belt!

Tachyonized ULTRA Liberty Belt & Powerful X-Version

Tachyonized 75mm Clear Beveled Cell - Great for Water Charging

75mm Tachyonized Beveled Glass Cell

Tachyonized Organic Vegan DHA Capsules

Tachyonized Super DHA

Tachyonized EMF Home Kit - A Money Saving Solution

Tachyon EMF Home Kit

Ultra Neo-Field Star Gate

Tachyon Star Gate