Getting Started with Tachyon Energy Products

Where do I start?  Admittedly this myriad of products can be confusing. To help you navigate your choices, please understand that there are two points of focus:

Harmonizing the Electromagnetic Fields (i.e. Balancing or neutralizing the source of any negative radiation), and…Protecting and fortifying your own body and personal energy field.

All of the products are designed to do one of these two things: Harmonizing the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) of your house/apartment/office…of your cell phone and computer…is foundational.

Protecting and fortifying your organs, glands and cellular structure against the relentless, chaotic, destructive energies of “dirty electricity” and “electromagnetic smog” is also foundational. The synergy of this dual focus helps to better support all life forms in your environment.

In getting started with Tachyon Energy Products, follow this guidance for cultivating a healthy, vital, harmonious life.

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