Leveraging the Ultra Technology Breakthrough

Advance Tachyon Technologies has brought forth the biggest advance in energetic healing tools ~ the Revolutionary Tachyon Ultra Disk Breakthrough ~ since its first wave of products in 1990.

For a long time the inventor of the Tachyonization technology had been pondering the question “What happens if two tachyon beams collide?

What he discovered is that a new phenomenon occurs…a new field of energy momentarily occurs…in an ongoing process. In his experiments, he revealed that in pointing two beams of tachyon at each other…what he calls the “neo-field” is continually perpetuated. The impact and consequences of the neo-field is still being explored but no practitioners who’ve been working with these new ULTRA products want to go back to the earlier versions.

The enhanced power and benefits of the Ultra products is now undisputed.

All of the Ultra disk products affect the physical and non-physical Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEF’s)…and the ULTRA products support healing and integration at not only the physical and energetic levels, but also the emotional/mental/and-even-more-subtle levels as well.

The following ground-breaking devices are now available to the public:

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