Fever-Headache-Throat and Sinus Virus Kit


Symptom-Specific Virus Recovery Kit for Fever, Headache, Throat and Sinuses

Try as we may to avoid getting sick, there are times when a virus or “bug” gets through and hits us in our most vulnerable areas. For some people it may be in the head, throat and upper respiratory tract, with coughing, sore throat, headache, and sinus misery. For others, it can be a punch to the gut, with nausea, diarrhea, and digestive distress. For others, it can be fever, general fatigue and body aches. Whatever your most vulnerable area is, we have a Tachyon Virus Recovery Kit to lessen your symptoms and get you feeling better again soon.

Product Details

Tachyon Virus, Cold & Flu Remedy

Prone to nasal and respiratory issues? Viruses, colds, and flu are often accompanied by chest and sinus congestion. This compound is a valuable part of a virus kit for those predisposed to nasal and respiratory problems.

Tachyon Cold and Flu is indicated in cases of viruses, colds, and flu, especially when accompanied by congestive nasal and respiratory conditions. This compound is also useful as a strengthening and preventive tonic for those prone to respiratory illnesses.

Tachyonized Headache & Migraine Remedy

Prone to headaches? Viruses, colds, and flu are often accompanied by head pain. This compound is a valuable part of this virus kit for those predisposed to headaches.

Viruses are often accompanied by severe headaches. Therefore, we have added the Tachyon Headache and Migraine Remedy to this kit. This gem is backed by medical research proving the effectiveness of the Feverfew herb in decreasing the frequency and/or intensity of headaches when used on a daily basis. It can also relieve some of the accompanying symptoms such as nausea, depression, and arthritic pain due to inflammation.

Pure Vitamin C Powder – 78 Doses

Prone to infections and low immunity? Our Tachyonized Pure-C is unsurpassed as an antioxidant and immune supporter. It provides extra support and prevention against viruses during cold and flu seasons.

Tachyonized Pure-C is as pure and potent as Vitamin C can be! Our new certified organic camu camu formulation gives you the most powerful, natural, bio-available source of antioxidants known on the planet to help bolster your immune system. Taken regularly throughout the cold and flu season, it can strengthen your resistance to these and similar viral illnesses.

Tachyonized Throat Spray

Prone to throat issues and pain?  Viruses, colds, and flu often trigger inflammatory, painful throat responses. This compound is a valuable part of this virus kit for anyone inclined to throat infections and pain.

Tachyonized Throat Spray is a strong antivirus on contact spray. The predominant herbs in this compound are a natural antiseptic, analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-inflammatory in nature. Frequent use can help fight mouth, gum, and throat infections and helps relieve swelling and soothe the pain.


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