Tachyonized Organ Specific Herbal Tonics

Advanced Tachyon Technologies has over twenty years of experience creating Tachyonized holistic herbal supplements that support every system of the body. Many of their herbs and extracts are organic, and all are Tachyonized in their preparation. Most of these tonics are intended to be diluted in water or juice and ingested several times a day.

Tachyonized tonics can help with everything from muscle aches to liver problems to the common cold. Please explore this list of over 50 individual tonics and find the solution that can help improve your health and balance your body with healing Tachyon Energy.

Remember that these tonics benefit you on multiple levels:
1) like any other carefully formulated herbal tonic with these ingredients

2) the significant energetic boost of the tachyonized formula

3) and, especially, by the body’s need to assimilate some of these tachyonized molecules

specifically targeted to that system or that organ or gland — to incorporate into its cellular structure as part of its ongoing repair and maintenance. Those molecules continue radiating tachyon energy to the surrounding cellular tissues for as long they remain within that cell.

Note: starting out with two or three bottles of any of the tonics is recommended as a “fair test” of how much benefit you’ll experience.  Also, please refrain from taking more than three tonics at a time.

[We’re also offering you the opportunity to order three tonics at a discount (as well as possible savings on eventual shipping costs involved with re-ordering)]