Tachyonized Supplements

These particular products support Internal Youthing (i.e. anti-aging).

A remarkable…even radical…reality of the Tachyonized Supplements (ie, nutritional supplements, herbs and Tachyonized Water) is the fact that these essential elements are turned into Tachyon antenna which radiate Tachyon Energy just like Tachyonized silica disks, scarves or pendants.

Except these products are swallowed and digested…and their Tachyonized molecules are then utilized by the repair and maintenance functions of the body in its healing and birthing of billions upon billions of cells every day. These new or repaired cells therefore now have Tachyon-emitting molecules within their own cellular structure, bathing the surrounding cells in Tachyon energy…bringing harmony, coherence and wholeness into the depths of the body itself.

Each of these Tachyonized Supplements operates on two levels: initially, just the same as any other high-quality Spirulina or Vitamin C, for example, to start with. But then they do something that nothing else in the world does: these supplements or herbs bring the healing force of the cosmos into the physiology and metabolic functions of a person’s body. Exactly how this plays out depends on each unique individual and their particular conditions and the outer environment that is impacting them as well, etc.

At minimum, however, it offers each of us fundamentally supportive energy for our recovery and healing.