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Tachyonized TLC Bars – Deluxe Polished


“The TLC Bar is an incredible Tachyonized product, and the best tool I have ever used for the removal of pain by non-medically trained people.”
Gabriel Cousens, Esteemed Naturopath & M.D.

Product Details

Now you, too, can use this incredible tool!

Up until now, the Tachyonized TLC Bars – Deluxe Polished Treatment bars have only been available to high-level energy healers and practitioners. Now you can experience their miraculous power.

This extraordinary tool has become the crystal of choice among thousands of health practitioners from around the world.

Through directed application they transform deficient areas of the body into a vibrant and connected energy system. When used to clear and reconnect the entire being to the energetic continuum the outcome is a divinely balanced and integrated body.

Like the Vogel Wand, the Tachyonized TLC Bars – Deluxe Polished are the most powerful crystals on the planet. And one of the most beautiful. You will quickly discover that the Tachyonized TLC Bars – Deluxe Polished is THE answer to miraculous self-healing.


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