10th Anniversary of Gene's Death & Resurrection

Ten years ago...December 17, 2006, a Sunday morning at an ecstatic dance circle...I had a cardiac arrest. The two MDs who did CPR on me for 25 minutes later assured me that I had indeed been "dead".
Plus, they told me that when the paramedics did arrive, it took them another 20 minutes to get any response from their injections and electro-stimulus. A week or so into my 25 days in the hospital, even the staff M.D.s (not just the blessed nurses) were heard using the rare words "Miracle" and "Miraculous".
The first cardiologist I saw after leaving the hospital had looked over my extensive records from there. As I sat in his office...appearing rather 'normal', at least free of any convulsions or other expressions of neurological damage which had been predicted during my medical saga....he told me that I'd had less than a 1% chance of being there as I was. That my outcome was the great hope of those in emergency care medicine and, tragically, the oh-too-rare occurrence.
Just to be clear, my sharing this history in this newsletter is so much more than a way to promote a sale.
The literal "2nd Chance" I registered in the early stages of my recovery has continued to deepen and grow richer over this decade. At this stage I truly appreciate the "right livelihood" these Tachyon Energy products provide me...and, in addition, I am being drawn steadily into helping anchor the deep, inclusive awakening in consciousness that I perceive as occurring...even if it remains "beneath the surface" to a large degree.
I am now pulled, over and over, towards Stillness...which is becoming to me truly sacred medicine. Stillness seems to enable the Great Mystery to recalibrate me & us more fully, more deeply than is otherwise possible when we are buzzing around in the consensual reality.
As these insights have arisen within me...they have likewise enabled me to appreciate the Tachyon Energy products which have supported me in this world. Beyond just taking in the ongoing demonstrations of the past 15 years of"They Work!"...I am finally understanding more of what it actually means to be "an emanation of the Quantum Field(aka Zero Point Field)", as it is so described.
Let me be extremely clear about something here: Quantum Reality is verrrry different than normal reality. Partly because "Quantum 'Reality'" probably makes no sense whatsoever...because it is likely a forced language construct to try to explain something quite difficult to grasp with our conditioned minds.
From a pure Quantum perspective, I speculate, there is no cause/effect, there is no actual movement, there is no "reality" per se....there is simply Isness.
The Quantum Field IS.  [...and comes with no Operating Manual)
The thinner the veil between the Quantum Field and our manifested material plane, the stranger the material expression becomes. Huge anomalies have been discovered as physicists have explored extremely low temperatures by bringing materials down close to absolute zero. For example, when this happens with copper wiring, which offers significant resistance to the flow of electricity, in approaching near Absolute Zero there is virtually no resistance in the copper: an effect known as superconductivity. Likewise, at similar temperatures, gaseous helium liquifies and will creep up the side of its cup and escape from that vessel...utterly ignoring the "laws" of gravity: an effect known as superfluidity.
These are known Quantum phenomenon on the physical level, when physical laws no longer apply. What may we discover as we explore the Quantum phenomenon of consciousness?  ...as we surrender more deeply into Stillness
I am profoundly grateful to be realizing this now. For many years I have felt great satisfaction in helping some of you reduce your pains or sleep better or navigate an increasingly chaotic world with more harmony and greater protection.
Now I am feeling greater clarity of how the unique Tachyon Energy products help foster the spreading, even-contagious, collective awakening (even if than can be elusive at times). Tachyon Energy is a carrier of "peace"...of "stillness".
Now at this ten-year point, where have I come? What have I let behind? What can be the payoffs of 2nd Chances?
Over the past couple of years, I have deeply appreciated realizing that much of the yearnings and aspirations from my past have mostly remained in the same past. Not that all of my preferences have been realized by any means...but the foundational sense of scarcity/lack has dissolved and been washed away somehow.
My sense is that Grace led me to these invaluable energy devices 15 years ago (along with much more) and the harmony and coherence that this energy conveys has enabled me to become more and more still within the core of my being.
With such support I can more consciously, more consistently, embrace what is actually unfolding in this now...as opposed to getting entangled in what I might be imagining or wishing for.
...and we do not need cataclysmic events to gain our own 2nd chances, our new opportunity. These unfold in each moment. Each "now" is the chance to be more present...to be more true...for authentic rebirth.