Tachyon Virus Protection for CHILDREN Kit


This Tachyon kit contains the recommended minimum for your child’s protection from colds, flu and other viruses. Mix the Pure-C and Children’s Immune Enhancer in juice or water. Small children may not be able or willing to hold the Tachyonized Water in their mouths for 20 seconds, but if they swallow it, it will still mostly get into their systems on the way down. The recommended dosage frequency is 2 times daily.

Product Details

Tachyonized Pure-C

Tachyonizedtm Pure-C is as pure and potent as Vitamin C can be! Use it to increase your well-being and support your immune system. Safe and highly recommended both for adults and for children of all ages.

Tachyonized Water

Tachyonized Water charges the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs) of every cell in your body. It bypasses the blood-brain barrier and transforms your whole being into a super conductor, energizing disrupted SOEFs and allowing blockages to dissipate. Removing blockages in the energetic system is one of the keys to radiant health and longevity. The increased bioenergetics allows your body to begin a physical and emotional detoxification. As your body clears and balances it returns to its natural state of balance. This creates a natural strengthening of the immune system, resulting in a greater resistance to colds, flu and viral illnesses, and a lessening of symptoms and quicker recovery if you or your child do catch one.

Tachyonized Children’s Immune Enhancer – ALCOHOL FREE

This alcohol-free herbal tincture supports children’s immune systems, helping them to improve their resistance to colds, influenza and similar viruses. And if they do get sick, it can help them experience less severe symptoms and recover more quickly.



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