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Tachyonized ULTRA Liberty Belt


Our Most Powerful Back Health Belt!

The Tachyonized ULTRA Liberty Belt is empowered by a set of three Tachyonized™ 4-inch (10cm) Ultra Disks™ creating one of the most comprehensive tools ever developed for personal wellness.  The neoprene belt has been designed for maximum comfort, and is easily worn day and night. We invite you to discover all of the uses for the two “perfect pockets” built into the waistbands.

NEWS: An even more powerful belt…the Tachyonized Liberty Belt X...has now been introduced with twice the amount of Tachyon Energy. Please see below for details…


Product Details


The Tachyonized ULTRA Liberty Belt is especially beneficial for painful backs and abdominal imbalances. Healers particularly enjoy wearing the Liberty during sessions to increase their own energy and the effectiveness of their treatments. It can be used on clients as a “Third Hand” on the back, abdomen and other large areas. The Liberty also can be used in the car, on chairs, wheelchairs, and beds. Athletes enjoy the extra energy during their workouts, enhancing both endurance and performance. The Liberty Belt is a versatile and potent tool, so experiment.

Tachyonized Liberty Belt X

For people with greater needs of Tachyon support, the Tachyonized Liberty Belt X has been introduced with six 4-inch ULTRA disks instead of three.


The Liberty Belt fits waists up to 44 inches (112 cm). The belt is not Tachyonized.


Do not remove Tachyonized Ultra Disks from plastic. It is very important that the Ultra Disks cover the area you’re treating. These Ultra Disks are only intended for use in the Belt.


Hand wash with mild soap. Hang to dry (do not use in washer or dryer).



These are the choices...


3 ULTRA Disks, 6 ULTRA Disks


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