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Only because I Love

All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love. ~ Leo Tolstoy
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What must I release…and surrender to?

If I truly want to experience a New Earth, a New “Gene”, what am I holding onto?  What am I grasping that will always block the new from emerging?  Therefore, what must I release…and surrender to? ~ Gene Latimer
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A New Earth, a New Humanity, Being Born

We’re in the midst of a Collective Birth/Labor…with a New Earth, a new humanity, being born. Focused Tachyon Energy can minimize the pain and suffering while accelerating this organic, necessary process. ~ Gene Latimer
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A Carrier of Harmony and Coherence…

Tachyon energy is a carrier of the harmony and coherence so lacking in much of our current realities. May we choose to access the gift it is. ~ Gene Latimer
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More than drama and polarization…

We live in a cosmos that is so much more than drama and polarization. Tachyon Energy from the Quantum Field helps remind and anchor us into the rest. ~ Gene Latimer
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