Gene's List of Uniquely Useful Products

The title of my “List of Uniquely Useful Products” is a bit of a mind-bender: in that Tachyonized products themselves are about as unique as anything in existence! Nevertheless, this selection arises organically out of my regular use of most of these since 2001…and my deep appreciation for the fact they do exist!

Effectively applying the Breaker Box Solution and Neutralizing Cell Phone Radiation is fundamental for health and wholeness.
Now that you know about them, to not wear one or both of the Mini-V Pendant or  would be an utter waste…for both their protective Tachyon Ultra EMF Orb Pendant and their integrative energies.
Tachyonized WaterTachyonized Silica Gel and Tachyonized DHA are key “Consumables”…all of which steadily feed tachyon-radiating molecules into the cellular structure of your body.
The Tachyon Star Gate, Tachyonized Star Dust and Tachyonized Sun Spots are profound elements for creating truly “sacred space”. Somewhat pricey…and so worth it if you can afford them.
Each of the Tachyonized Eye Mask Deluxe & Ear Plugs, Tachyon ULTRA Liberty Belt and Tachyonized Ultra Personal Cocoon is beautifully supportive in its own way. Each a joy to use.
Although smaller, the Tachyonized ULTRA Micro-Disk 35mm, the Tachyonized Air Glides Insoles for Women & Tachyonized Air Glides Insoles for Men and, last-but-not-least, the truly-utilitarian 75mm Tachyonized Beveled Glass Cell are likewise wonderfully perfect in their design…in their usefulness.

This could be quite a ‘wish list’…and there’s no mandate for getting all or even most of them. Find one item that you resonate with which you can afford. [If you cannot afford it right now, let the resonance continue as you feel the attraction, until you can.]

Even this one, single item is an energy stream from the Quantum Field…from the All-That-Is which Quantum Physics now recognizes. Each item listed can be used in dozens upon dozens of unspecified ways. Even the simplest of tachyonized items can help you anchor into the harmony and coherence deep within you…within all of Life.

These are simply tools/catalysts for wholeness. May we use whatever we have to help us step outside our conditioned “limitations”.

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