Welcome to your resource for Tachyon Energy Products.

Tachyon energy matters because it is foundational to our very existence. As an emanation of the Quantum Field, it underlies all of physical reality…for example, our flesh and bones. And that of every living being in your household.

By incorporating these extraordinary products into our lives and leveraging their healing support, we can experience increased harmony, peace and wholeness within us and around us. That is why I’ve been motivated to be selling these since 2001.

Many blessings to you as you explore this site. ~ Gene

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On Panther Juice:

"used the product before - loved it

Greg from CO

The last visit to our dentist,

they were amazed in the changes and wanted to know what we had been doing, and we explained about the tachyon products and the dental assistant said keep on doing what your doing because we can see the changes. They are looking into your products as well.

Joy & Blessings to you and all you are doing,

Susan Rom, Ontario

The last visit to our dentist,

they were amazed in the changes and wanted to know what we had been doing, and we explained about the tachyon products and the dental assistant said keep on doing what your doing because we can see the changes. They are looking into your products as well.

Joy & Blessings to you and all you are doing,

Susan Rom, Ontario

Hi Gene,

John & I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts as it has taken us 3 years to finally find a product that is bringing the joy back to my husband.

Dear Gene, Well what do I say, WOW. I received my Mini-V pendant and it's totally magic! AWESOME!
These should be given to everyone.

 Jay from the UK

Excited to try this out. Thanks for all the great info and articles on your website. Good vibe! 🙂


Star Gate is AMAZING

I was amazed at how this one object can change the energy in a room almost immediately. I not only use it to meditate but I put it in my bedroom every night when I go to sleep.

I also take it with me when I travel. I helps to change the energy to a more soothing, nurturing, peaceful environment where ever you place it. When I meditate or sleep, I find that I am able to settle much faster. I know it is not cheap, but it is well worth the money.

Love and Gratitude, Joy

"Everything has arrived perfectly. We have already had a meditation with the Stargate and the experience is amazing.

Thank you very much. We will be in touch as we for sure will be ordering more stuff in the future.”

Philip in Europe

Sleep Pad

One of my life's greatest treasures is the sleep pad. It goes from bed, to living room chair, or car seat. We comment often on the great value of the "T's" or gotta get my "T's" after working in the garden or whatever.

I recommend always having some sort of cover on the sleep pad to keep it as clean as possible as hand washing the pad in the bathtub is work and drying it takes time.
[My recommendation on this is that one can place their Sleep/Mattress Pad underneath the mattress itself. The pad generates a field of Tachyon Energy that goes out 2.5-3 feet, so it can be  solidly underneath all that weight, held in place (i.e., not squished around under a sheet by a wiggling body every night), and kept quite clean without any extra care….while still bathing the occupants of the bed in its field.]

Darlene C.

Thanks for sending your products and I have to tell you they all work awesome!  You guys are so awesome and I can't believe what you're doing for the New Age community.  Your products are well made and they have integrity. I haven't felt this good in my entire life.  God Bless Your Soul!

Chris B in AZ

From the energetic point of view, the Orb pendant is a very effective object. It gives what it promises: very positive results.

Gianluca from Italy

Thanks for sending your products and I have to tell you they all work awesome!  You guys are so awesome and I can't believe what you're doing for the New Age community.  Your products are well made and they have integrity. I haven't felt this good in my entire life.  God Bless Your Soul!

Chris B in AZ

Just to let you know that I LOVE the Stargate crystal. I have slept with it in the room for two nights and I sleep so well, am having lucid dreams, dreaming while knowing I am dreaming.
My body is filled with this kind of floaty fizzy energy and when I focus on the energy, I can feel what it is doing for all systems. I trusted I would like the crystal (a big $ investment) but I did not know it would be this good.

Big thank you, Muriel Lindsay

“Night after night, I sleep deeply with the StarGate crystal. I am a light sleeper and have been all my life, so this is so unusual. I’m thinking this crystal could find a good audience with people who have insomnia problems, who are too sensitive to everything (including their own anxieties) to sleep deeply. Just sayin’ …”

An Update from Muriel Lindsay

"In 1 week’s time, my food allergies are gone since wearing my Neo-Field Tachyon Pendant! Thank you! I feel normal again." ~ B.G. in PA

Since the use of Tachyon I have experienced an increase in energy and alertness, increased spirituality with All That Is and genuine love and concern for all living things. It helped my grandmother’s back pain, aunt’s arthritis, and my friend’s carpal tunnel was healed. I just love it. Thanks to you all for making them available.

Gary F.

A little over a year ago, I was having a terrible time with "tennis elbow". I couldn't even lift up a coffee cup because it was so painful. I tried a lot of different things including wearing a copper bracelet. None of these remedies worked. I overheard a salesperson telling someone of the Tachyonized Massage Oil and asked her about it. She asked me to rub some of it on the troubled area. Instantly, I felt a warm feeling and decided to buy some. I have not had any problems with "tennis elbow" since. My husband is a real skeptic, but he also had "tennis elbow" so I let him try some of the Tachyonized Oil. I am very pleased to say that he no longer is bothered with the pain. About six months ago, I had surgery and decided to try the oil on the scar from the surgery. The scars are minimal and the relief I have received from using this oil is unbelievable. I do massaging and have now decided to use your oil all the time. The results are much better and my customers are very pleased. I can’t explain the difference in oils other than it is Tachyonized. You have a great product.

Sandra S.

Just wanted to let you know that these are the most effective tools I have tried yet to balance and energize myself! I am 8+ months pregnant and was suffering from a chronic lower back pain of one month’s duration when I ordered your 15mm cells and taped two on my lower back. Within 24 hours, my back pain disappeared completely. Not only that, but my Braxton-Hicks contractions of my uterus are much less painful as well! Needless to say, I have recommended your products to my family and friends and have ordered a bunch more cells for other parts of my body! I am currently using the necklace and wristbands, and have so much more energy now. What a Godsend! Thank you!!

Cheryl-Jean C.

Is Tachyon another word for MIRACLE?

K.J. in CA

"Eight weeks ago I sprained my ankle sustaining a severe injury including swelling, ecchymosis (bruising) and pain, incapacitating me from bearing weight on that ankle. An orthopedic surgeon who examined my foot suggested I have X-rays taken because of the amount of bruising present, which led him to believe I had fractured my ankle. The X-rays were negative. This type of injury would ordinarily take at least 2 to 4 weeks to completely and comfortably bear weight on, let alone run on. After 2 days of using Tachyonized Cells and a Tachyonized Sports Wrap, the swelling was completely gone and I was able to hop up and down on the previously injured ankle totally pain free!"

Christina Cummings
MD Kaiser Permanente

A few weeks ago, I put one of the heart collars on my 11 year cat who was licking her fur off her back, is a picky eater and always wants me to feed her. I have taken her to 3 vets over the years trying to get to the bottom of her problem but two vets said there was nothing they could see wrong with her from the blood test. The other wanted to prescribe a pill to calm her down. But because of side affects from the prescription, I do not like to give myself or my animals drugs of any kind if I can help it.

Now she is starting to gain her pretty coat back and has that fun playful sparkle in her eyes again.

Is that possible? Can this product balance her out this fast?

Mary H

I can tell you with complete confidence that Tachyon’s energy truly enhances my awareness, concentration, and ability to perform under seemingly impossible circumstances and conditions. I have yet to share Tachyon with a motorcycling friend who doesn’t rave of its benefits.

Michael B.

A Family of 4

I bought 3 of them. One for my husband, son and daughter.

So now the weird part. I can not say what has been going on. 

There isn't a point or spot in time that is obvious. I still see them, but there is a difference. Almost as if we were all looking through dirty glass. And someone cleaned one layer off a day. You can't see the missing layer, but. you know something is missing. After a while I realized, what I was seeing I liked. And then I realized, it wasn't me that was becoming clearer. It was all of us. We were all seeing. yeah I know it sounds weird. But something amazing has been happening and seems to continue day after day.

Tuesday - My daughter solved an emotional problem without blaming someone. My son was more attentive to his math. When I mentioned it, he said, "I need to know this stuff!". what? As teenagers they have long been aliens, but somehow, they are back. And my partner, gentler with my son, more patient with my daughter, and more interested in me. Is this vertical reality?

My 4 islands, are now a family of 4. Will it last? Nothing does. But the past three months have been a collective connective gift I only imagined. 

I really felt compelled to share.

~ Laura E

Mini-V - Something so small packs such a big punch

Didn't expect to have such an immediate reaction to the mini-v….when I put the pendant on, it energetically felt like a hand reached in and turned something in my heart chakra and throat chakra. I then physically felt a lump in my throat and a little bit of pent up energy that soon released and left me with a wave of calm and focus that I'd never really felt before. As the night progressed I could feel more of my being opening up spiritually and my breathing was nice and slow, my heart rate was perfect and I felt so relaxed. This is definitely something I will invest in for family and friends. 

~ Geoffrey


This is a great product! I have two, and wear one to workout in, and the other with non-workout clothes. I can tell a difference when I don't have it on. If you're on the fence, come to the EMF-free side and purchase one. It's comfortable, cool looking, and most importantly, it works. 

~ K Bennett

Sleep Pad

Sold many of these to happy clients. Great Product

As a therapist I have recommended this product to many of my clients over the years. It is the same, always. The first few days or weeks, the body adjusts to what it needs. If they slept to much, they are energized and sleep less. If they slept too little, they find themselves wanting to just stay in bed. Normal.

In my experience, the wonderful thing about tachyonized products are, they allow the body to realign with it's natural state of balance. I highly recommend it for adults and children. Definitely worth the high price.


Tachyon Eye Mask Deluxe and Earplugs - Very Helpful

I have used this mask for two years now and have improved my eyesight (DMV no longer requires me to wear glasses), reduced cataracts and gotten better sleep. I love it. The deluxe is the only one for sleep, the harder one is just for meditation. I use the ear plugs all the time and it's great for traveling. Even on a noisy night owl to Vegas I was able to sleep using both.

Lyneah M.

Tachyon Eye Mask Deluxe and Earplugs

This is my first eye mask so I have nothing to compare against, but I can adjust it to fit as snug or as loose as I need it, it's comfortable so long as I am not laying on my side, and it completely blocks the light.

Mary S.

Star Gate


I took mine to work, just for fun. Set it up so it was beaming directly at my coworkers. Within an hour, there was a noticeable shift. The only way to explain it is, it simply seems to lighten everyone up. Now I have to buy a second one so I can keep one at work and one at home.

Jarry J.

Star Gate review

I love my star gate! I have only had it a few weeks, and I'm already noticing some benefits. I feel more calm and balanced when it's in the room. I'm also sleeping more soundly and wake up feeling better. I would definitely recommend the star gate to anyone.

Jon G.