Tachyonized Sun Spot (1) Single – XXL: Rare to Create, Rare to Own!


A 5G Protector.

Introducing the XXL – Sun Spot – Game Changer

The XXL – Sun Spot measures approximately 3.14 inches (80mm), and creates a wide-angle Tachyon energy field that extends over a distance of approximately 240 feet (73.15 meters) at a 90° angle.  It is a highly coveted Tachyonized tool.  So far there are very few of these actually in North America.

Product Details

The Sun Spot focuses Tachyon energy. You will experience the life-enhancing energy throughout the space in which they are placed. A peaceful, tranquil environment is the result. Extremely effective in counteracting the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which disrupt and destabilize the body and personal energy fields. Normal Sun Spots are Tachyon’s best tool for rooms that are depleted due to EMFs, electrosmog, spherics (weather generated frequencies), geo-pathological fields, cell phone pollution, or human dissonant behavior patterns.
This new XXL is a game changer.  They are excellent for homes, large rooms, work environments, and meeting spaces. Anywhere you want to support and promote mental clarity, purification, concentration and a meditative clear energy environment.


This Sun Spot is perfect as the focal point of your energy environment  It would be an amazing addition to any home, work space or treatment center. Put two together and an immense clearing field would be experienced.


Place one Sun Spot in the corner of a room with the wide side facing out. Place it so that the beams will encapsulate the area of interest.

Contraindications and Cautions:



Sun Spot measuring approximately 3.14 inches (80mm)

[Special Note:

Due to the size there may be minor cosmetic variables on the rear dichroic glass lamination or on an edge.  These are so hard to make, that minor cosmetics are acceptable. Better to finish than to recycle.  IF there is a minor cosmetic variable, we guarantee it in no way affect this amazing tool’s effectiveness.]


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