Tachyon Virus and Lung Super Kit


Tachyon Virus and Lung Super Kit

Colds, flu and respiratory viruses can really be hard on people with lung issues and compromised respiratory systems. If you are prone to asthma attacks, bronchitis, pneumonia or other related challenges, this is the kit for you.

Product Details

Tachyonized Immune System Tonic

Echinacea is an adaptogenic stimulant to the immune system, affecting a variety of viral and bacterial conditions. It is used as the first line of defense in resisting colds, influenza and other viruses by strengthening and potentiating the immune system. It is believed to also be effective in reducing the severity and duration of cold and flu-like symptoms. The herbs in this compound include properties that are cortisone-like, produce anti-tumor activity, and increase production and activity of various components of the immune system.

Tachyonized Viral and Bacterial Remedy

An effective antiviral and antibacterial herbal tincture, especially useful in the treatment of colds, influenza and other viruses, as well as respiratory and urinary infections. Lomatium root stimulates the immune system and decreases inflammation. Echinacea helps to increase the natural production of virus-inhibiting interferon in the body. A major component of St. John’s Wort is hyperforin, which has been proven to be an effective anti-bacterial compound. Lemon Balm has been prized for its potent antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Olive Leaf has shown great potential for strengthening the body’s response to colds, influenza, and lower respiratory tract infections.

Tachyonized Chronic Bronchial Asthma Remedy

The compound relaxes bronchial muscles and promotes bronchial/pulmonary dilation enabling a greater flow of oxygen. Properties include Khella for bronchodilation, Skunk Cabbage & Thyme as an anti-spasmodic, and Turmeric, Grindelia and Thyme as an anti-inflammatory and expectorant.

Tachyonized CBD ISO

It is well documented that CBD is a very potent bronchodilator and is useful in the treatment of asthma. Taking CBD can result in decreased airway resistance, which is beneficial for any adult whose compromised respiratory system is being adversely affected by a cold, flu or virus.

Pure Vitamin C Powder – 78 Doses

Tachyonized Pure-CTM is as pure and potent as Vitamin C can be! Our new certified organic camu camu formulation gives you the most powerful, natural, bio-available source of antioxidants known on the planet to help bolster your immune system. Taken regularly throughout the cold and flu season, it can strengthen your resistance to these and similar viral illnesses.

Tachyonized 35mm Micro-Disk 3-Pack

Tachyonized Micro-Disks are extremely effective directional antennae for attracting energy to a specific area. They are designed to be worn on the body to treat any injury, to help unbalanced organs rebalance, to rejuvenate your immune system, or to enhance athletic performance. People with compromised lungs or bronchial systems can benefit from wearing them over the lungs or bronchial passages, especially when suffering from a cold, flu, or respiratory virus.

Cell-Dotts – The Simple Way to Adhere Micro-Disks to the Body

Cell Dotts are double-sided, hypoallergenic adhesives that are perfect for adhering the 35mm Micro-Disks to your skin. They are not Tachyonized.


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