Tachyon Toolbox Against 5G Cellular Dangers & Risks

The ‘old’ cellular technologies are being replaced by an obviously dangerous, untested technology called “5G” which telecoms and complicit government “regulatory” agencies are foisting upon us…with little concern for actual consumer safety.

The industry is accusing all and every critic of “fear-mongering” but many researchers and scientists are currently questioning 5G’s barely-studied hazards. Even Scientific American, an utterly respected science publication…which tends to be quite pro-technology…has published an article on “We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe“.

But given the power of corporations and the ineffectiveness of our current government, 5G is steadily, ruthlessly coming to many places in our world.

How do we buffer ourselves from the true harm that 5G networks will do to us and our loved ones? This is critical to resolve…and the inventor of the Tachyon technology has been hard at work coming up with tools to protect us from the clear dangers. All of this is still a work-in-progress…but we do have a preliminary protocol now, with more details to emerge in the coming months.

Please consider the following…tools that can benefit you and your loved ones in so many ways:
*protection from 5G, Electromagnetic Fields and other forms of “dirty electricity”
*cultivating healing and integration on not only the physical and energetic levels but also the emotional/mental/and-even-more-subtle levels as well.

It is time: to be both proactive and DIY to some extent in taking charge of you health, vitality and well-being. For that, this is a fundamental Tool Kit.

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