Tachyonized Star Dust


Creating Sacred Healing Spaces with Tachyonized Star Dust

The most striking experience I have ever had with any of the tachyonized products is walking into a room painted with Tachyonized Star Dust. No matter how many times I would step into or out of the room, the tangible demarcation between the inside and outside spaces always struck me as amazing.

Such a room is an energetic womb. It holds you in its calm, nurturing embrace. Any words I can conjure up fail to adequately convey the experience.

WOW! We painted our living room with the Star dust, added 2 silica disks to the breaker box. The experience shift was immediate and strengthened over the first few days. It really feels like the peace and joy I feel, is echoed by the tachyon. Everyone loves the peaceful feeling. My monthly meditation group last night. This was off the charts! by far the most powerful group experience. I had to write, I am so excited by this technology and its potential!” ~ Deanna


Product Details

Massage therapists, bodyworkers, chiropractors, doctors, naturopaths, osteopaths, Reiki practitioners, physical therapists, psychotherapists, psychologists, etc. — all manner of healing professionals would benefit from applying Tachyonized Star Dust to the walls and ceiling of their practice facility.

Likewise, accountants, lawyers, salespeople and a whole array of businesspeople and entrepreneurs would as well.

Sacred Space

Where do you meditate? Where do you go within and release the pull of the external world? Repainting that with revolutionary Tachyonized Star Dust would immediately enhance and harmonize your energetic environment.

Of course, the optimal approach would be to paint your entire house and work space, but step by step works well too.

(Musings . . . I think I could persuade a lot of people to try these products if I just set up a tunnel painted with Star Dust in a heavy traffic space so that those who wanted could just walk through it and experience the difference.)

Tachyonized Star Dust

Tachyonized Star Dust consists of a tachyonized fine powder which can be added to paint. It was developed to create an environment that defies the negative EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and other energies which bombard us on a daily basis. By using this product, we envelop our being in a field of Tachyon energy, bringing balance and harmony to every fiber of our existence [See other EMF protection here].

Tachyonized Star Dust also protects friends and loved ones by converting negative frequencies into harmonious energies.

By mixing this revolutionary product into paint, you create a blissful sanctuary within your home or office.

Tachyonized Star Dust is most effective when all four walls and ceiling  of a room are painted. Besides painting walls, Star Dust can be painted into pictures, onto clay sculptures, onto floors before laying carpet, onto hardwood floors, linoleum or tile, or any other place you can paint.

It is important that Tachyonized Star Dust be machine mixed to guarantee even distribution throughout the paint. Star Dust can be mixed into either the base coat or the final coat of paint if a base coat is not being used [although it will affect the color of the final coat].

Do not breathe the dust. Not for internal use.

In terms of the recommendations per gallon, the lower concentration is quite good [Minimum coverage]; the higher concentration is optimal [Maximum coverage]. Allow your own situation, intuition and budget to decide how to proceed.

Star Dust comes in three sizes:

  • 16 oz., which is good for 2-4 gallons of paint…depending on the concentration of coverage
  • 48 oz., for 6-12 gallons of paint…depending on the concentration of coverage
  • 96 oz., for 12-24 gallons of paint…depending on the concentration of coverage

As a rule of thumb, 1 gallon of paint will cover about 267 square feet.

These two amounts indicate a minimum and a maximum…which means that you go from using enough Star Dust to have a notable, positive effect…to an optimal amount for an optimal effect.

I have used the Tachyon Star Dust in our studies and scared spaces for many years. It does an amazing job at keeping the energy high in these spaces where powerful spiritual processing work is done.” ~ Joanne C.

I belong to a meditation group that owns two sanctuaries, one in town and the other a retreat on the beach. We covered both of them, inside and out, with Tachyonized paint and the effect is amazingly powerful. We are overjoyed. We are all noticing a greater awareness in our lives. More love and peace abounds. Tachyon is truly a blessing!” ~ Judith D.

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16 oz. Powder, 48 oz. Powder, 96 oz. Powder


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