Tachyonized 7-inch Professional Massage Wand


This Tachyonized Tachyon energy product is the best massage tool available. With it, a pained, stiff, stressed-out body transforms into an energized, relaxed, stress-free body.

Product Details

A significant breakthrough in our Tachyonized massage and wellness products!

This user-friendly designed Massage Wand is extremely powerful and easy to use. Its contoured design fits comfortably in the hand and its large rounded-end and smaller rounded-end are ideal for reaching large and small body parts. Whether massaging yourself or someone else, the Massage Wand long handle makes it easy to reach difficult areas.

Energy flows from the large rounded end and transforms deficient, stressed-out, painful, out-of-balance areas of the body into vibrant, harmonious and stabilized ones.

Made from borosilicate glass the Massage Wand is ultra strong, nearly break-resistant, resistant to shock, lightweight with a powerful beam of Tachyon Energy.

Quite simply, the Tachyonized Professional Massage Wand is unparalleled…the best massage tool on the market, as no other offers its benefits and features.

…in addition to its deep healing abilities, some customers are exploring its potential for arousing and releasing sexual energy as well.

Dimensions: Approx: 7 inches (17 cm)

Color: Polished, clear


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