Tachyonized Eye Mask Deluxe & Ear Plugs


Perfect for Sleep and Meditation…a pure joy to wear.

The Classic Design Brought Back by Popular Demand!

Product Details

The Tachyonized Eye Mask Deluxe & Ear Plugs kit consists of a thick, padded and lined with soft flannel cotton eye mask that feels so wonderful placed over the eyes! And, yes, it is quite lightweight.

An eye mask like this can often be critical for our health in order to sleep in complete darkness. Many physicians are now alerting us to the health hazards of interrupting our melatonin production and how that leads to various diseases. Having a good eye mask, which we will easily get used to, is a highly effective way to bring us that darkness in our hyper-wired & lit-up world.

I have personally worn this particular mask to sleep for many years. It is one of my favorite Tachyon Energy products...and is ideally equipped with one of the wondrous ULTRA 35mm Micro-discs residing in its pouch so it bathes your brain and the seat of your whole nervous system with healing, integrative Tachyon Energy.

This Deluxe Eye Mask comes with a set of ear plugs that have small Tachyonized Energy Cells inside of them…directing life-force energy into the inner ear where it syncs and harmonizes both hemispheres of your brain (although I personally don’t care for these as ear plugs for sleeping because of feeling them pressed into my ears at that time, they are excellent for other uses, such as meditation).

Many individuals are using this power tool for meditation…for good reason. The Deluxe Eye Mask, with or without a Tachyonized Micro-Disk added to the over-the-Pineal-Gland pocket, is beneficial in balancing specific eye issues, soothing headaches and sinus problems, and facilitating peaceful sleep.

Of course, you should have the EMF Protection of the dwelling in place for all occasions, so I won’t belabor that here…but it matters.

…and another possibility for an optimal sleep environment would be Star Dust. Do what you can…and then, when you’re able to do more…do that.


Very Helpful

I have used this mask for two years now and have improved my eyesight (DMV no longer requires me to wear glasses), reduced cataracts and gotten better sleep. I love it. The deluxe is the only one for sleep, the harder one is just for meditation. I use the ear plugs all the time and it's great for traveling. Even on a noisy night owl to Vegas I was able to sleep using both.

Lyneah M.

This is my first eye mask so I have nothing to compare against, but I can adjust it to fit as snug or as loose as I need it, it's comfortable so long as I am not laying on my side, and it completely blocks the light.

Mary S.


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