Tachyonized Snuggy


The Business Person’s Stress Reducer
~ Surrounding the Wearer with the Multi-Dimensional Support of the ULTRA Neo-Field

Product Details

The Tachyonized Snuggy is a cotton tube filled with thousands of tiny Tachyonized glass beads, long enough to lay across the shoulders, covering important stress-relieving points along the shoulders and neck. You can also place it along the spine or down the front of the body while you are lying down. At work, place the Tachyonized Snuggy in front of the computer keyboard to support your wrists, and prevent or relieve over-stressed muscles, tendons, and bones.


The Tachyonized Snuggy, which is a spin-off of the popular Tachyonized Eye Pillow, was created to counter a stress-filled world.


The Tachyonized Snuggy measures about 30″ x 3″ (75cm x 7,5cm).


Hand wash and air dry to preserve the life of the material.




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