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The Tachyon Micro-S Star Dust is a game-changer.

The Tachyon Micro-S Star Dust with a 9-foot effective Tachyon field, negates the disruptors of the 5G field technologies. Tachyon Micro-S Stardust signifies a breakthrough as the most effective paint additive we have ever tested.

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The Tachyon Micro-S Star Dust is a game changer.

The Tachyon Micro-S Star Dust. with a 9-foot effective Tachyon field, negates the disruptors of the 5G field technologies. Tachyon Micro-S Stardust signifies a breakthrough as the most effective paint additive we have ever tested.

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The 5G milli-waves are rapidly bifurcating, degenerating SOEFs, which easily penetrate and deplete biological SOEFs. The penetration can significantly weaken and deplete human SOEF’s, often leading to pain, lower health, or disease. The primary issue with artificial frequencies like 5G, EMFs, and cell phone radiation is they have no host. Therefore, their SEOF’s are rapidly bifurcating and degenerating. Compared to 4G technologies measured in microwaves having a long wavelength, which can travel longer distances and penetrate natural and artificial barriers. 5G frequencies are measured in milli-waves. They are extremely high frequencies with substantially greater energy. They can only travel short distances but have greater energy and a short life span.


Now the exciting parts.
The 5G high frequencies are rapidly bifurcating. Next, they collide with a Tachyon Micro-S treated wall. Since the Micro-S have a low dielectric constant, the Micro-S are easily energetically charged with the frequency. The Tachyonized Micro-S operating near the speed of light bifurcates the high frequencies out of the Micro-S as a stable non-bifurcating form, and they pass through. No bifurcations no issue. A 5G or EMF meter cannot differentiate between non-destructive non-bifurcating SOEFs and the opposite destructive bifurcating degenerating SOEFs. So, it is typical to see no meter reading changes.

The Tachyon Micro-S work just below the speed of light. They bifurcate 5G frequencies faster than they can arrive, which is perfect. They are the only Tachyonized material that can catch, harmonize and stop bifurcations at just below light speed. Therefore, all 5G frequencies, EMFs, and cell phone radiation that do not bifurcate in our presents are NOT a health risk. This is complex yet very simple.

Tachyon Micro-S Star Dust is a paint additive, creating a blissful 5G EMF free sanctuary for your home and office.


1. Tachyon Micro-S are tiny hollow borosilicate spheres. Tachyonizing borosilicate creates a powerful, permanent Micro-S Tachyon antennas with a usable field of approximately 9 feet.
2. Tachyon Micro-S are safe, non-toxic, and 100% environmentally friendly.
3. A single Micro-S is virtually invisible to the naked eye. At the Tachyon Research Center in Colorado, a high-powered dark field microscope was required to see a single Micro-S. Under the microscope, it documented that a single Micro-S is considerably smaller than the diameter of a human hair. A human hair is between 70 and 120 microns. A single Tachyon Micro-S is between 26 and 30 microns in diameter, which is 2-4 times smaller. One could place 2 to 4 of the Tachyon Micro-S on the end of a strand of hair.
4. Tachyon Micro-S has a low dielectric constant!
5. This Micro-S technical attribute is of vital importance. What a Micro-S low dielectric constant does is naturally absorb energies/high frequencies.
6. Tachyon Micro-S Star Dust mixed into paint changes the entire dynamics of the painted surface. The Micro-S Star Dust creates a shielding blanket of Tachyon, which negates the disruptors of the 5G field technologies. It builds the foundation for a 5G, EMF, and a transient energy-free environment – An actual experiential, sacred space.
7. Every 26–30 micron size Micro-S is designed to withstand a direct, crushing weight of 3000lb without breaking. This 3k crunch weight is essential, as it guarantees there are no fragments. The lack of fragments has been demonstrated in the lab.
8. Furthermore, in Tachyonized Micro-S Star Dust, we now provide the world’s only paint additive that negates the disruptors of the 5G field technologies. Moreover, by design, it can be roll-on or be used with any paint sprayer with less than 3000lb of pressure!
9. Tachyon Micro-S Star Dust is also highly insulating. They keep an ambient room temperature longer than an untreated room. Cool down the room, and the room will stay cooler longer. Heat the room, and it will stay warmer longer.
10. Like all our Tachyonized products, a single Tachyon Micro-S, creates order out of disorder. Furthermore, over 70,000,000 (70 million) Tachyon Micro-S are in a single gram. In a single 1-gallon size Tachyon Micro-S Star Dust additive, there are over 22,680,000,000 (twenty-two billion six hundred eighty million) Tachyon Micro-S. 


1. Shake the container to loosen the Micro-S from the walls of the container.
2. Slowly add 12 oz of water and close the lid. Shake the container again until the Micro-S blends with the water.
3. If any lumps are still present after shaking the container, finish with hand mixing to completely dissolve any lumps.
4. Compare your Micro-S mix consistency with the targeted paint.
5. If it is still too thick, use a paint stick to blend while adding 2 oz of water.
6. The objective is to match the targeted paint consistency. Do not stress. A little thinner or thicker is OK.
7. Mix 2 gallons of paint and the Micro-S mixture in an empty 5-gallon paint container.
8. Use a roller or brush to apply.
9. If the Micro-S float to the top, it is time to remix.

Tachyon Micro-S Star Dust can be mixed into either the basecoat or the final coat of paint if a basecoat is not being used. When mixed correctly, expect a 2 gallons of paint to yield above 2.5 gallons.

  For spray painting, use a machine with no more than 2400 PSI.
Spray paint machines require a thinner final product. Follow 1-7 above, then thin with water as needed.
Important: Micro-S Star Dust needs to be thoroughly mixed to assure even distribution of the Micro-S in the paint.


Blend of pure Tachyonized Micro-S and Tachyonized Water.


Besides painting walls, Tachyonized Star Dust can be painted into pictures, clay sculptures, onto floors before laying carpet, hardwood floors, linoleum or tile, or any other place you can paint.


Although Tachyon Micro-S spheres are NON-TOXIC, like ANY dust or other fine particle you should always wear a mask when handling.
Star Dust is for external use only.

***[To Be Thinking About]   Massage therapists, bodyworkers, chiropractors, doctors, naturopaths, osteopaths, Reiki practitioners, physical therapists, psychotherapists, psychologists, etc. — all manner of healing professionals would benefit from applying Tachyonized Micro S Star Dust to the walls and ceiling of their practice facility. Likewise, accountants, lawyers, salespeople and a whole array of businesspeople and entrepreneurs would as well.

I have used the Tachyon Star Dust in our studies and scared spaces for many years. It does an amazing job at keeping the energy high in these spaces where powerful spiritual processing work is done.” ~ Joanne C.

I belong to a meditation group that owns two sanctuaries, one in town and the other a retreat on the beach. We covered both of them, inside and out, with Tachyonized paint and the effect is amazingly powerful. We are overjoyed. We are all noticing a greater awareness in our lives. More love and peace abounds. Tachyon is truly a blessing!” ~ Judith D.

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