Tachyon On the Client

Ultra 35mm Micro-Disks offer a great way to help someone suffering from pain. Any of the Micro-Disks or Silica Disks provide significant support for various discomforts at the physical/energetic levels. The Ultras provide that as well as facilitating the healing of the emotional and mental factors. They can simply be laid on the client during a session or can be taped on with Cell Dotts or surgical tape to the body. (They can even be left on when the client leaves if you feel they will be responsible in keeping track of the disks and returning them.)

A Snuggy also adds to your tools: a cotton tube filled with thousands of tiny Tachyonized glass beads, long enough to lay along the spine or down the front of the body. It measures about 30″ x 3″ (75cm x 7,5cm) and should be hand-washed and air-dried to preserve the life of the material. Because of the thousands of interpenetrating beams of tachyon energy coming out of these glass bead…we have another Ultra product, as this generates a “NeoField”.

Ultra Massage Oil is likely already used by many of you. Not only does tachyonized oil bring increased balance and relaxation to your client…it also protects the person giving the treatment from dissonant energies. You don’t need to be personally taking on what is being shed. Two other oils which penetrate deep into the muscles and tissues, delivering the benefits of tachyon energy: Panther Juice, which brings a gentle warming sensation, and Ultra-Freeze, with super-cooling pain reduction. Each is especially helpful with problems related to muscle and joint pain, arthritis, swelling, strains, sprains, varicose veins, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and cramps. Pick one…or try both.

There are also a couple of invaluable product for those doing acupuncture, acupressure or acupoint therapy: Tachyonized 8mm Glass Cells. These come in two types ~ the Opal, in which energy comes out the rounded side, and Aqua, in which energy comes out the flat side. Both of these come 6 to a package. They need to be taped in place and the practitioner will optimally have a pair of the industrial-crystal TLC Bars to help activate the flow of energy [these are available as part of the training courses; contact me for more info.] 15mm Micro-Disks also work quite well in this application, either as is or in do-it-yourself Ultra versions created by attaching two of them with the energy side face-to-face. [ATTI, the company, is not making Ultra 15mm disks…hence, the DIY approach. Almost any kind of adhesive should work.]

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