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Joint Health and Joint Pain Relief

The Tachyonized products first made inroads with the medical community in the early 90s through their effectiveness with pain relief. Their success in this regard has been a primary reason for their wide-spread growth around the world since then.

Exposing an injured or aching body part to tachyon energy is enormously beneficial: by accelerating the healing process, preventing further degradation and reducing the pain.

Most of the products will do this but some are better designed for the task than others. From that perspective, the following are ideally suited for addressing joint pain…and optimal joint health…successfully.

Testimonials on Tachyon Natural Pain Relief Products

Wonderful Product!
I have used Panther Juice for almost 20 years on myself, my children and grandchildren. Since I am a veterinarian, I have also used it extensively on dogs and cats (and veterinary techs) with wonderful results. It helps so much with pain and prevents bruising/swelling from trauma, venipuncture, sore and stiff muscles and joints, etc. I always have it with me when I travel and never leave home without it. I highly recommend it!

Tachyonized Panther Juice
It was to my surprise that this panther juice really works. I use it on my thumbs, hands and wrist. I am a massage therapist and pianist and I am using my hands all the time with repeated motions. Thank you so much for helping me not be in so much pain.

Silica Gel is the best
Silica Gel is the best product that you can buy for pain. I have severe osteoporosis and I would not be without it.


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