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Tachyon Mini-V Pendant


For over 20 years,  Advanced Tachyon Technologies has produced a very powerful, non-retail device named the “Vortex Pendant”. It aligns your chakras, keeps you in an energetic state of balance and harmony, and connects you to the Divine. The Vortex pendant was originally created as part of the Pain Body courses taught by the inventor of the “Tachyonization” process. They soon discovered it was too powerful to introduce to those who had not taken that workshop. The goal then became to create a tool that everyone could use without having to take such advanced training programs.

Now, after many years of testing and research, a mini-version of the original Vortex pendant has become available.


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Hi Gene,

John & I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts as it has taken us 3 years to finally find a product that is bringing the joy back to my husband.

Dear Gene,

Well what do I say, WOW. I received my Mini-V pendant and it's totally magic! AWESOME!
These should be given to everyone.

 Jay from the UK

A Family of 4

I bought 3 of them. One for my husband, son and daughter.

So now the weird part. I can not say what has been going on. 

There isn't a point or spot in time that is obvious. I still see them, but there is a difference. Almost as if we were all looking through dirty glass. And someone cleaned one layer off a day. You can't see the missing layer, but. you know something is missing. After a while I realized, what I was seeing I liked. And then I realized, it wasn't me that was becoming clearer. It was all of us. We were all seeing. yeah I know it sounds weird. But something amazing has been happening and seems to continue day after day.

Tuesday - My daughter solved an emotional problem without blaming someone. My son was more attentive to his math. When I mentioned it, he said, "I need to know this stuff!". what? As teenagers they have long been aliens, but somehow, they are back. And my partner, gentler with my son, more patient with my daughter, and more interested in me. Is this vertical reality?

My 4 islands, are now a family of 4. Will it last? Nothing does. But the past three months have been a collective connective gift I only imagined. 

I really felt compelled to share.

~ Laura E

Mini-V - Something so small packs such a big punch

Didn't expect to have such an immediate reaction to the mini-v….when I put the pendant on, it energetically felt like a hand reached in and turned something in my heart chakra and throat chakra. I then physically felt a lump in my throat and a little bit of pent up energy that soon released and left me with a wave of calm and focus that I'd never really felt before. As the night progressed I could feel more of my being opening up spiritually and my breathing was nice and slow, my heart rate was perfect and I felt so relaxed. This is definitely something I will invest in for family and friends. 

~ Geoffrey

The energy comes from the Tachyon Mini-V Pendant is a crystal that is encased in a steel tube that has been hollowed out. While wearing it, your energy system is balanced and harmonious and you are protected from electro-magnetic energy. When wearing it you will experience a much more balanced and healthy flow of energy throughout you system. The positive, life-enhancing experiences and testimonials from those who have been fortunate to wear the pendant are significant.

Mini-V Pendant

Centeredness and Stillness with the Mini-V Pendant

The pendant is virtually indestructible. Encased in polished steel is a vertically Tachyonized, perfectly-cut crystal...which, when worn, integrates the chakras and generates a sense of well being and harmony relaxing you into your natural vertical flow.
The Mini-V pendant is for all ages, children included...with many of its wearers saying they are experiencing "amazing results". Some never wanting to take it off it feels so good.

Try one for yourself and give them as gifts to your loved ones. Each pendant has a steel rod, which has been drilled out to hold the 12mm Vertical crystal. Each comes with a decorative spinning sleeve you can play with.  [The Mini-V comes with a velvet Tachyon logo bag.]

Size: 36mm in length and 9 mm at its thickest point.

These are the choices...


Black, Blue, Gold, Pink, Purple, Ring, Knight, Gold with Black, Black with Gold, Silver with Light


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