Tachyonized 5-Inch 18-Sided Vogel Professional Wand


This wand is so powerful that it was only sold to high-level, professional healing practitioners. Until now!


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The Tachyonized 5-Inch 18-Sided Vogel Professional Wand has unparalleled power. Perfect for the highest level energy work or meditation.

There’s a story behind the development of the Vogel Wand. The inventor of the Tachyonization process, David Wagner, first met Marcel Vogel around 1984. Vogel’s research into the potential of quartz crystals fascinated David. They had many conversations, always ending with Marcel’s assertion that cutting a crystal on its seed axis (i.e., the C-Axis) did not enhance its power. Since he was a young boy, David has been able to see energies move and he could see the powerful difference when a crystal was cut on its C-Axis. Significantly more powerful energy emanates.

David had been working with Drew Tousley, a Vogel master cutter for years, but it was not until Marcel left his body in 1991 that Drew began to see the value of cutting crystals on the C-Axis. Drew then began to cut all of these Vogel wands from laboratory grown crystals on the C-Axis. Once Tachyonized, the results were astonishing. They became the world’s most powerful crystal tool. The Tachyonized 5-inch 18-sided Vogel Professional Wand is so powerful they were originally sold only to professional bodyworkers, health practitioners, and energy-medicine professionals. Now it’s realized that these powerful healing tools need to be in the hands of all who would use them well. Here’s your chance to experience the extraordinary health benefits of the world’s most powerful crystal.

The 5-inch wand fits easily into your hand.

*Comes with a deluxe Pouch.


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