Ultra EMF Vintage Pendant


Tachyonized Pendants Are Unmatched in EMF & 5G Protection
One of the only tools in the world designed to not only increase the wearer’s vitality but to be used as part of preventive 5G health solution to also protect them from the harmful effects of 5G and EMFs as well.


Product Details

The Vintage Pendant provides you ULTRA Neo-Field benefits! The ULTRA function at a different level when compared to the Mini-V pendant.  [which is why many actually wear both…ie, one of each.] The Vintage Pendant, with its encased larger Ultra discs, expands and charges the central system horizontally. The wearer may come to feel the expansion quicker than with other 5G Tachyon pendants.

The Tachyonized Ultra Vintage is a powerful Neo-Field generating pendant. An effective 5G personal protection device. Attractive as it is useful, the Vintage helps to both increase vitality and protect the wearer from EMFs and as part of a preventative 5G health practice. Wear the pendant every day to benefit from its profound effects.

In instances where someone is out of balance due to illness or injury, the Vintage can help stabilize and restore imbalance, emitting positive, life enhancing energy as needed.


Enjoy wearing it as it increases health and vitality.


30mm (1-3/16 inch) outside diameter with a 24mm (15/16 inch) Ultra Disk inside. 6.38mm (1/4″) thick.

Quite lightweight: 15g (0.53 oz).

Designs and Colors:

The Vintage Pendants come in a variety of designs and accent colors which are visible within the design openings. Please click on the thumbnail images to see the available options. The exterior of the Vintage Pendant is stainless steel, and a free chain is included.

Contraindications and Cautions:

Use caution with any chained pendant.

These are the choices...


Version 1, Version 2, Version 3, Version 4, Version 5, Version 6


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