Tachyonized Eye Pillow


Extremely Powerful, Versatile and Addictive

The Tachyonized Eye Pillow is a powerful antenna, balancing a variety of issues, reducing stress, pain and tension.

Product Details

This Tachyonized Eye Pillow, with matching pillowcase, is made of blended cotton and filled with tiny Tachyonized beads. Because the glass beads are heavy, the Eye Pillow is not filled to capacity. Please know, this is a very effective tool even though it is not completely filled.


Use the Tachyonized Eye Pillow over the eyes for meditation, rest, sleep, or specific eye issues. The Eye Pillow feels great under the neck for neck tension or on/under the head for headaches.You can use it on the small of the back, or over the abdomen at certain times of the female cycle, or any place you are experiencing discomfort or pain. If you feel sad and/or emotionally unbalanced, place the Tachyonized Eye Pillow against your heart and notice your return to center and balance.


The Eye Pillow and case are approximately 7 1/2 ” x 4″ x 1/2″ (18,7cm x 10cm x 1,3cm).


Please hand wash and line dry to preserve the life of the fabric.



Tachyonized Eye Pillow


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