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Tachyon Verticality Pendant

Since the Mini-V came out, whenever I want to give someone a profound, palpable experience of the Tachyon Energy Products…I try to have one of them handy: “Here, why don’t you put this on for a while and see what you feel?”

That is fun!

How so?  Because this Vortex pendant can quite rapidly align one’s chakras, bringing you into a state of “verticality” ~ i.e., an energetic state of balance and harmony, of flow, connecting you to both the Earth and the Divine.

Which doesn’t mean the Mini-V is the “best” pendant. I encourage people to purchase and wear which ever Tachyon Energy Pendant they most resonate with. For me, however, the primary choice is between this one and the Ultra EMF Pendants. These two are the most advanced and most powerful…but all are truly wonderful.

[Since I can’t possibly choose, I wear both an Ultra EMF and a Vortex pendant. For those not really wanting to wear two pendants, I suggest wearing a Mini-V Pendant and carrying a Life Capsule Key Chain (which is exactly the same technology as an Orb (Ultra EMF) Pendant. Ahh…the best of both worlds!]

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