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Tachyon Ankle Hugs wrap an area with 360 degrees of balancing Tachyon Energy. Hugs come in sizes to fit just about any ankle. They are sturdy, yet soft and comfortable, and of course, hand washable for a longer life. The Ankle Hug ought to be worn as much as possilbe 24 hours a day until you are symptom free. It is often most beneficial to use Panther Juice, Ultra-Freeze, Energy Cells and/or Micro-Disks in conjunction with the Hug. To ensure the best fit, measure around the smallest part of the ankle. The Hug should not be too tight.


Sports injuries, sprains, broken bones, swelling, arthritic conditions, tendonitis, bone spurs, and ankle fatigue from over-exercising.


Small 8 – 9” (20 – 23cm)
Medium 9 – 10″ (23 – 25cm)
Large 10 – 11” (25 – 28cm)
X-Large 11 – 12” (28 – 30cm)
All Hugs come 1 to a package.


Hand wash in mild soap and water, and line dry to preserve the life of the fabric.

These are the choices...


Small 8 – 9” (20 – 23cm), Medium 9 – 10" (23 – 25cm), Large 10 – 11” (25 – 28cm), X-Large 11 – 12” (28 – 30cm)


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