The Story of Tachyon Energy Products

Welcome to your resource for tachyon energy products. Tachyon energy matters because it is foundational to our very existence. As an emanation of the Quantum Field, it underlies all of physical reality…for example, our flesh and bones. And that of every living being in your household.

By incorporating these extraordinary products into our lives and leveraging their healing support, we can experience increased harmony, peace and wholeness within us and around us. That is why I’ve been motivated to be selling these since 2001.

Many blessings to you as you explore this site. ~ Gene

My name is Gene Latimer...and I'm delighted to share with you the benefits of accelerated healing, pain reduction and enhanced vitality from these very same tachyon energy products.

The Quantum Field underlies all manifestations of our physical/energetic realm; it is foundational...fundamental. Tachyon Energy is its "emissary": emanating from the Field and interacting with the very sub-atomic particles upon which all atoms, molecules and cells of creation rest. An expression of innate Wholeness, tachyon energy is a carrier of pure coherence: the essence of all harmony and order in the Universe. In our day-to-day reality, "transformational" is an apt descriptor for what you'll find here.

The Quantum Field underlies all manifestations of our physical/energetic realm; it is foundational...fundamental.

This is my perception from using and living with these products daily in a multitude of ways for the past 14 years. If it sounds..."grandiose" apologies, but it is my truth. I have no interest in pushing anything on you in these pages...but will encourage you to follow your gut feelings and possibly try a few things to have your own personal experience within this new paradigm of healing...for living Life more fully from your authentic core...increasingly aligned with the essence of Oneness ~ i.e., Wholeness, from which optimal "health" arises.

Direct experience is how these products have expanded so dramatically over the past 20 years, from a single locale in California to now serving customers in 156 countries. Direct experience → word of mouth → new direct experiences, etc. Sensing is believing.

Since my love-at-first-feel moment in 2001 with these "tachyonized" products,

  • I have been living in a radically different electromagnetic field environment that appears to be harmonizing the chaotic impact of rapidly-alternating electrical current on the life forms in my house.
  • I seem to be literally changing my body from the inside out, bringing my glands, organs, and skeletal structure to whole new levels of health and vitality…via the infusion of concentrated, focused Tachyon Energy.
  • The Subtle Organizing Energy Field (SOEF) of my body, as well as the smaller SOEFs of my internal systems, are being recharged, their energetic deficiencies replenished and balanced — which leads to the revitalization and balancing of my physical and energetic structures.

If you would like to know more about the items that have proven themselves to me over and over — as well as specific ways of optimizing health and powerfully boosting the immune system, rejuvenation & "youthing", electromagnetic field protection, pain management and the acceleration of expanding consciousness —please take a look within this site.

An array of possibilities await you here: as someone taking responsibility for your own health & vitality or as a healing practitioner offering bodywork/energywork...or optimizing the energetic field of your dwelling or your work will likely find resonate items here. May you trust your instincts and explore these in whatever ways you might.

You can also contact me directly by sending me an email  with any questions.

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Gene Latimer, Owner of Tachyon Energy Products
Gene Latimer, Owner of Tachyon Energy Products