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Tachyonized Phase-III contains 2800mg C.B.D. Isolate per 1oz bottle and is T.H.C.-Free.

We are very excited to make Tachyonized Phase-III 10% extra strength C.B.D. ISO available to all!

Phase-III is a Tachyonized C.B.D. ISO which has been reported to far exceed all expectations in eliminating or significantly reducing the side effects associated with chemotherapy. It was previously only available to participants of the Phase-III Research Project. Our extensive testing of Tachyonized C.B.D. (0% T.H.C.) proved C.B.D. to be a superior antenna, delivering Tachyon through direct metabolism. All systems and glands that metabolize C.B.D. benefit from the Tachyon. The results have exceeded our expectations.

Global research, studies and reports have indicated that C.B.D. has the potential to help manage patients suffering in certain situations. From chronic pain, inflammation, skin disorders, anxiety, and opioid addiction to other ailments ranging from mild to very serious.

Scientists know that C.B.D. is bound by the en.docan.nabin.oids and then expressed throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems. The en.docan.nabin.oids provide an amazing highway through the system. Once Tachyonized, the ingested C.B.D. is taken by the body to exactly where it is needed. Through the en.docan.nabin.oids we now have a new and effective delivery system to get Tachyon to hard to reach areas of the central and peripheral nervous systems. This is very exciting. It is not a cure-all. But the current results have far exceeded expectations.

One local research study demonstrates the effectiveness of Tachyonized C.B.D. ISO in relieving the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy.
“If this technology/product can help others even half as much as it has me, then this is a true miracle in the unfolding” – Cathy A.

With so much global C.B.D. research outlining the many benefits of standard C.B.D., Tachyonized C.B.D. will undoubtedly surpass all expectations. C.B.D. is also indicated for heart health and neuroprotection. 

Now the benefits of Tachyonized PHASE-III C.B.D. ISO 10% are available to the public. 

What is Tachyonized C.B.D. Isolate?cbd-iso-image.png

Tachyonized C.B.D. Isolate is an isolated chemical compound of the H.e.m.p. plant. Colorado-grown, high potency C.B.D. H.e.m.p. is processed to remove hundreds of chemical compounds, ultimately isolating just C.B.D.. Laboratory testing has proved our C.B.D. is 99.5%, has 0% T.H.C., no herbicides, pesticides or toxins. And with 0% T.H.C., Tachyonized C.B.D. ISO cannot cause a failed drug test.


Please allow 2-3 weeks of dedicated use to experience the full effects.

Reports from those that were in our chemo research project state that they experience Tachyonized Phase-III as transformative. Reports of a higher quality of life, significant pain reduction, lower inflammation, and renewed energy are typical responses from the test subjects.

We have one such project participant who comes into Tachyon headquarters every week, pushing me to release this to the public. If you could see her, you would see the transformation of this stage 4 dying woman who reportedly had only 4-5 days per month where the chemo side effects were not totally debilitating. Regular use of Phase-III has transformed her into who she is today – from physical misery into a vibrant old lady who went bowling twice last week, and is fully engaged again. 90% of all the side effects are gone, thanks to Tachyonized Phase-III.


Since C.B.D. is bound by the en.docan.nabin.oids and then expressed throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems, the potentials are boundless. Tachyonized C.B.D. delivers Tachyon to all areas of the nervous system that are deficient. 

  • Pain relief
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Improved energy and well-being
  • Reduced depression and anxiety
  • Supports heart and neurological health
  • Anti-oxidant

Please allow 2-3 weeks of dedicated use to experience the full effects.


Consists of Organic Tachyonized™ Coconut Oil, C.B.D. Isolate*    

*We use only organic, lab certified 99+% Pure C.B.D. Isolate. No T.H.C., No GMO, No H.e.m.p. Oil. Suitable for long or short-term use.


Start slow and increase as desired.
5-7 drops in water, 2-3 times per day in liquid or on food or under the tongue.  Do not cook.


Tachyonized PHASE-III contains 2800mg C.B.D. Isolate per bottle.
PHA-2  1oz (30ml) which is approx. 2 month supply.


This Tachyonized C.B.D. ISO is very powerful. Discontinue use if at any time you are uncomfortable using the product.
Please follow directions and be gentle with yourself. Always check with your health care provider.


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