Tachyonized Spirulina


Energy Food For Your Body

Tachyonized Spirulina is Certified Organic, GMO-free, Non-irradiated, and Pesticide-free!

Tachyonized Spirulina is an incredibly nutrient-dense food, containing nearly every nutrient needed to sustain life, except for water. This tiny organism, mostly protein, provides rare essential fatty acids, uniquely energizing carbohydrates, important vitamins and naturally chelated minerals. It is an immune-enhancing nutraceutical with an abundance of phytochemicals, antioxidants, carotenoids, beta glucans and sulfolipids. As a superfood, Spirulina’’s nutrient profile is richer than that of any other food, plant, grain, or herb. Spirulina averages about 65 percent protein and is easily assimilated and digestible, even by people who are ill, or who have difficulty digsting complex proteins. The B12 content of Spirulina is sensational. Once believed only to occur in substantial amounts in animal sources, Spirulina contains over five times the RDA of B12 – a tremendous benefit for vegetarians!

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Tachyonized Spirulina

Tachyonized Spirulina other benefits include the natural occurrence of abundant quantities of beta carotene. Dozens of studies have shown that eating beta carotene from natural sources reduces the risk of many different cancers, including those of the throat, lung, breast, stomach, gastrointestinal tract, colon, prostate and cervix. Spirulina also has one of the highest chlorophyll contents in nature and contains carotenoids, important for their antioxidant value. Some of these carotenoids, like lutein, and zeaxanthin are imperative to eye health. Eating foods with these benefits is a preventative against age-related macular degeneration. Tachyonizing Spirulina increases all of these benefits exponentially.


100% Pure Hawaiian Spirulina.


It is an immune-enhancing nutraceutical, and a super food, easily assimilated and digested even by those who are ill.


Indicated in immune dysfunction, cancers, macular degeneration, lack of vitality and for overall health.


Spirulina tablets are available in 75 and 200 tablet bottles.
1 Spirulina tablet contain 500mg


Tablets: 2 tablets equals 1/4 teaspoon (1g). Start with 4 tablets daily and increase to 8 tablets daily for a maintenance dose.



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75 tablets, 200 tablets


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