Tachyonized Ultra ProZyme


Tachyonized Ultra ProZyme enhances the immune system allowing your body to be much more capable of dealing with a health challenge. It is the premier Tachyonized product for supporting Immune Function.

[Use within 4-6 weeks of purchase.]


Product Details

Tachyonized Ultra ProZyme is a super Immune System Enhancer. This product is a botanical component extracted from the aqueous solution in which a rare algae is grown. During the normal growth cycle specific enzymes are released into the water and it is these enzymes that produce apparent immune enhancing properties. As with all Tachyonized products it is not indicated to treat any specific disease process. Ultra ProZyme charges the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs), removing blockages in the energy field, thereby supporting the body so that it may heal itself. Studies have shown that UltraProZyme has a significant affect throughout the energetic system and it appears that the body is much more capable of dealing with disease when taking it consistently.

Because of the viable enzymes Ultra ProZyme has a short shelf life. We monitor the viability of the enzymes to ensure that you receive the product in its prime. Therefore, this product must be used in a timely manner when you order it. Do not let it sit around! Please use the Ultra ProZyme within 4-6 weeks of purchase.

Additional  Information:

I have not had direct experience with this breakthrough product, but I trust what I’ve heard. I’ve been involved with the company for over 15 years and I know they have tremendous integrity.

16 oz would last 16 days for the most serious cases. Maintenance dosage would be twice as long. It’s pricey at US$403.95 for that amount, but see if your intuition guides you to try it.

This new product is critically important for restoring, maintaining and cultivating immune function. If you are immune impaired, it warrants trying it for a couple of months.


In excess of 99% pure water. A plant protein derived from a proprietary cultivated algae. The protein is nominally less than 5 parts per million. No preservatives or chemicals are used.


Tachyonized Ultra ProZyme enhances the immune system allowing your body to be much more capable of dealing with a health challenge.


Use Tachyonized Ultra ProZyme whenever the immune system is compromised and/or you are challenged with severe health issues.


4 oz. (120ml) which is a 1 week supply.
16 oz. (480ml) which is a 1 month supply.


1 teaspoon taken 3 times per day on an empty stomach. Keep refrigerated. Bring your dose to room temperature to consume. Use within 4 to 6 weeks of purchase.


Not to be used at the same time as chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

These are the choices...


4 oz bottle, 16 oz bottle


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