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Tachyonized Water

“Tachyonized Water might not be the key to immortality, but the research shows that it is a key to radiant health.”
~ Dr. Gabriel Cousens.

Researchers around the world have demonstrated the substantial life-enhancing effects of Tachyon Water. It is a key in evolving oneself towards higher levels of vitality and well being — increasing energy, endurance, balance and harmony throughout your whole body, whole energy field.

[To read the German study on the major benefits of Tachyonized Water for our blood…and, consequently everything other part of the body that blood impacts…please look for the “Dark-Field Study of Live Blood” article in the Tachyon Research link in the upper menu.]

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  • The Tachyon Energy Hydration Kit

    The Tachyon Energy Hydration Kit

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  • Tachyonized Water 16 oz

    Tachyonized Water

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  • Tachyonized 75mm Clear Beveled Cell - Great for Water Charging

    75mm Tachyonized Beveled Glass Cell

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  • Tachyonized Water Charger

    Tachyonized Water Charger

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