Tachyon Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Protection

Electromagnetic Field Balancing and Protection was what initially made me a believer in tachyon. Within minutes of opening my first order, I was directing tachyon energy into my circuit breakers. Electromagnetic Field Balancing and Protection – Silica Disk Set Bingo! I could immediately feel the difference in the electromagnetic field of our house. Wow, my powerful intuitive urge to act on what I read in a book was validated. (What I’ve found is that about half the people can register the reality of this experience. That’s why it’s usually informative to do in small groups so some have a chance to report out to everyone.)

There are several devices that offer permanent EMF protection — Tachyonized Cubes that fit around power cords and tiny disks for cell phone protection — but the primary work is done by the 4” and 6” Tachyonized Silica Disks over the electrical breakers themselves.

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