iPad, iPod, Tablet, and MP3 Player Safety

Lots of new technology cropping up all the time. Let’s look at how to handle some of the devices for iPad, iPod, Tablet, and MP3 Player Safety:

For iPads and other digital tablets, use one regular 35mm micro-disk mounted over the battery area. [Doesn’t come with a great adhesive ala the Cell Phone Disks but it does have a few Cell Dotts, which are fine for many things but will tend to come off eventually. Therefore, use whatever adhesive works for you. This is strictly a functional issue; anything that holds the disk in place, by definition, works.]

It would also work with two of the Cell Phone Disks (approximately 22mm), which have the heavy-duty, reliable adhesive.

iPods and similar MP3 players: these require a bit more fine-tuning. Older models that don’t access WiFi have very little need. Those that do access the Internet, use one Cell Phone Disk over the battery area.

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