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Tachyonized TLC Bars – Medium


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The TLC Bars are an incredible Tachyonized product and the best tool I have seen for the removal of pain by non-medically trained people.” Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

Product Details

These are our most affordable professional Tachyonized TLC Bars and have been a standard for 20 years plus. Tachyonized TLC Bars are the “Practitioners tool” and, with the low polish finish, these are the most affordable version. Still just as powerful Tachyonized™ as the ultra polish TLC bars. In the hands of a knowing therapist, these Tachyonized TLC Bars are an effective and favorite tool.  Through specific application of Tachyonized TLC Bars, you can transform deficient areas of the body into a vibrant and connected energy system. When you clear and reconnect the entire being to the Energetic Continuum, the outcome is predictable. You will discover that Tachyon is the missing link to miraculous self-healing.

Since 1990 the Tachyon Holistic Wellness course has been taught in 14 languages around the globe.  The outcome is thousands and thousands of health care professionals treating clients with Tachyonized tools.  For graduates of the wholistic wellness courses, the facts are clear: Tachyon works! Tachyon changes lives! Tachyon is the source of all frequencies and provides the greatest possible healing with no chance of over or under using the tools created to direct its force.

Now the online training course has been released so you can learn at home, how to use these incredible tools.


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