Tesla, Prius, Leaf and Hybrid Automobile EMF Protection


The Tesla, Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, Chevy Volt, the other automobile hybrids and the all-electric Nissan Leaf and Tesla are a wonderful development — but one carrying a significant electromagnetic field (EMF) problem. Here are some solutions for Hybrid Automobile EMF Protection.


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The Hybrid/Electric Car Disadvantage – Tesla, Prius, Leaf and Hybrid Automobile EMF Protection
The huge batteries generate equally huge EMFs, which impact the human energy fields of the Prius’s and other hybrid’s driver and passengers, as do the batteries of the electric cars.

Tachyon Energy Products has a solution! Just as happens with its wonderful EMF balancing application of Silica Disks placed over a house or apartment’s electrical breaker box — four six-inch Silica Disks can balance the EMF of the car’s massive batteries.
The suggestion for the Tesla is six 6-inch disks to cover the greater area of the battery.

These are the choices...

Disk Packs

Single 6-inch, Three 6-inch, Four 6-inch


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