Tachyonized Skin Corrective


Tachyonized Skin Corrective targets the organs of metabolism, and corrects metabolic errors which are responsible for the manifestation of skin disorders. Burdock addresses skin disorders associated with impure blood. Yellow Dock addresses skin disorders associated with improper fat metabolism. Sarsaparilla root addresses skin disorders associated with hormonal balance. Nettle addresses eczema, and acts as a tonic and general detoxifying remedy for the whole body.


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Indicated for a broad spectrum of skin conditions. Specific in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, acne, seborrhea and dandruff. May also be used in the treatment of contact skin irritation, and inflammation from sun poisoning. The chemistry of this compound promotes restoration and well being of the skin as an organ.


OS-29 comes in 1 oz. (30ml). Using 30 drops per day this bottle will last about 1 month.


Acute: 15 to 25 drops in water, three to five times per day, between meals.
Chronic: 15 to 20 drops in water, three times per day, between meals.


Many skin disorders are symptoms of internal imbalance or disease. The underlying cause of the imbalance or the disease must be discovered to properly treat any skin disease. It is important to consult a qualified healthcare practitioner for diagnosis and treatment. Do not take this compound during pregnancy except under the advice of your medical doctor or healthcare practitioner.

Tachyonized Skin Corrective is a Tachyonized™ blend of liquid extracts:

18%      – Burdock seed (Arctium lappa)
18%      – Sarsaparilla root (Smilax ornata)
18%      – Nettle seed (Urtica dioica)
18%      – Yellow Dock root (Rumex crispus)
18%     + Spilanthes flowering herb (Spilanthes acmella)
10%      – Ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinale)

+ Fresh     – Dried
(contains Grain Alcohol (51-56%), distilled water and vegetable glycerine)

PLEASE NOTE: We use only Certified Organic and Wildcrafted herbs!


By incorporating Ultra-Disks into any treatment we quickly balance the natural meridian flow thereby enhancing the entire treatment. Generally, you can use the 15mm Micro or Ultra-Disk for all applications. Locate the Cell Points as described below. Determine which Cell Points are the tenderest. Liberally apply Panther Juice to these points and allow to dry thoroughly. Using Cell-Dotts or surgical tape, adhere the Micro-Disks to the desired point. It is very important to cover the entire spot.


Location: Cell Point A is located one-half inch below the base of the skull, on both sides of the spine.
Benefits: Relieves stress related to skin disorders such as acne.

Location: Cell Points B and C are located on the lower back between the second and third lumbar vertebrae, two and four finger widths away from the spine at waist level.
Benefits: Relieves acne, eczema and bruises on the body.


Application: Liberally apply Panther Juice to the area and allow to dry completely. Adhere Micro-Disks with Cell-Dotts™.

Duration: Start Cell Point application when you begin using OS-29. Continue wearing the Micro-Disks for two to three days after symptoms have cleared. Reapply at the first sign of imbalance.

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