Tachyon G-Smart Gas Meter Protection Kit


Five years ago, we started getting calls from people wanting to know how to protect themselves from the new Smart Meters that utility companies were installing on our houses. A great question…but not one we had an optimal solution for. We did develop the best strategy we could at the time but now two brand-new products have just been introduced for smart meter protection…protecting you from the nearly-ubiquitous Electrical and Gas Smart Meters that have been put on our residences!

Product Details

WARNING: Gas Smart Meters emit harmful radiation.

SOLUTION: Tachyon G-Smart Gas Meter Protection Kit

The G-Smart Kit has been designed to fit onto all standard gas Smart Meters and is essential to creating an EMF safe environment.

The Tachyon G-Smart Gas Meter Protection Kit Contains:
3 – 35mm Tachyonized Micro-Disks
1 – EverStay Band


Easy to Install Directions:

1. Clean the top of your meter. Then peel the backing off one Micro-Disk and stick it in the center as shown.

G smart Step2

2. Press the Micro-Disk creating a secure bond between the adhesive and the meter.


G smart Step3
3. Peel the backing off the second disk as shown.


G smart Step4
4. Now adhere the second disk to the meter as shown.
Make sure you use medium pressure to assure adhesion to the meter, as shown.


G smart Step5
5. Now remove the back of the third Tachyon Micro-Disk.


G smart Step6
6. Press the Tachyon Micro Disk into place as shown.


G smart Step7
7. Now wrap the EverStay band around the 
meter as shown.
Make sure to attach it snugly.


G smart Step8
Done!  Now enjoy living knowing the issue of your gas smart meter is resolved, forever. 


G smart Step9


These are the choices...

Kit Contains

3 – 35mm Tachyonized Micro-Disks, 1 – EverStay Band


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