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Custom Tachyon Ultra EMF Neo-Field Pendant



Product Details

This site is the only source of the Custom Tachyon Ultra EMF Neo-Field Pendant, created with Tachyonized pendants and micro-disks. As explained on the Ultra Technology page, two inter-penetrating beams of tachyon energy create a new energetic phenomenon: the “neo-field” which supports releasing, integrating and awakening on the emotional and mental levels…and beyond. Now, that’s a pendant to be wearing around one’s neck!

Each pendant has a silver frame (chain not included).

The Custom Tachyon Ultra EMF Neo-Field Pendant ships separately from the rest. There will be a separate shipping charge for them and their cost does not factor in the “over-$125-total-free-shipping” calculation.

These are the choices...


15mm, 24mm


Amethyst, Emerald, Green, Red, Sapphire Blue


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achyonized ULTRA Liberty Belt - Our Most Powerful Back Health Belt! Tachyonized ULTRA Liberty Belt

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